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You gorge yourself on good food, but stomach trouble and intestinal discomfort follow. For example, we see the body as something fine and beautiful, whereas the Buddha tells us it is unclean, impermanent, and prone to suffering. If unpleasant feelings arise, we should let them stop there, realizing that the feelings are not us. Studying with humility and respect, he benefited from his relationship with them, yet he realized that their systems were not complete. Anger, fear, dissatisfaction are not the path of the yogi but the path of-worldly people.

A still forest pool the insight meditation of Achaan Chah (eBook )

But the culture of the Buddha never changes, never diminishes. Isn't it time that we begin? You eat so that you do not have to eat anymore. You will see yourself unceasingly vacillating between heaven and hell. When they mature, they become synonymous-that is the Noble Path.

Do not bring ideals or expectations to your practice. Otherwise, your understanding will not penetrate deeply. Those who seek will see, just as those who eat will be satisfied. When you have this deep understanding, whatever occurs, you can let it occur, and all things will pass on and be quelled. You would land at a modem airport near Bangkok or Colombo or Rangoon.

Excellent insight from a fantastic teacher. Study it in your experience. The Buddha taught that everything is just that much, of equal value. From the famous teacher, Achaan Chah.

Though they think high thoughts and are intellectually sophisticated, their hearts are still filled with pettiness and doubt. As great masters emerged in this forest tradition, laypersons and monks sought them out for teaching advice. Often, to make themselves available, pdf ke word gratis these teachers would stop wandering and settle in a particular forest area where a dhudanga monastery would grow up around them. Since hundreds of Europeans and Americans like you have come to visit and learn in the forest. And so I immediately bought this book and it was as refreshing as a still forest pool indeed.

A still forest pool the insight meditation of Achaan Chah

Right effort and virtue are not a question of what you do outwardly but of constant inner awareness and restraint. Separating the five aggregates from the defilements and from clinging is like clearing the brush in the forest without destroying the trees. He just wanted us to see that all this is impermanent, unsatisfactory, and empty of self.

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Enlightened does not mean being deaf and blind. The one who knows is like a lamp. But life must teach most of us all the way to the end.

Virtue, concentration, and wisdom can be developed in support of each other, then, like a spiral ever revolving, relying on sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, and mind objects. Letting go, you can even fall into hell states without too much disturbance, because you know the impermanence of them. When you tend a buffalo, you let it go free but you keep watch over it.

It goes upstairs, gets bored, runs back downstairs, gets tired of that, goes to a movie, gets bored again, has good food or poor food, gets bored with that too. Some came to study for short periods and then returned home to integrate what they learned into their household life. The name field is required.

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Beings experience greed, hatred, and delusion. When the mind is stirred up, the various mental formations, thought constructions, and reactions start arising from it, building and proliferating continually. If it hates someone, question why. We feel attraction or repulsion toward the bodies of others and are robbed of true peace.

The simplicity of the monk's words resonated with me everytime I read one of his entries. The pure mind knows these objects clearly, knows that they are not substantial. Of course, the Dharma books are correct, but they are not right.

One's facial expressions, speech, gestures, actions, all stem from one's state of mind. But once we have learned the language, we can laugh and joke with others. He practised meditation under a number of masters, among whom was Ajahn Mun, a highly respected and accomplished meditation teacher of the time. Please review the types of cookies we use below. In teaching my disciples, I teach like this.

You would be bored with me before long. Of course, the systematic outline of the process in the texts is accurate, but the experience is beyond textual study.

In the complexity of your thinking, one view may obscure the other and you get fooled. It also develops the power of self-reliance. If you sit in meditation and want it to be this way or that, you had better stop right there.

Description of the book A Still Forest Pool

Media A Still Forest Pool. Feeling, memory, all the five-aggregates of mind and body are shifting like leaves in the wind. If you are able to remain aware, defilement will admit defeat when it enters the contest again. You should study this point to see what is real, what is true.

If understanding is right, thought and all the other factors will be right as well, like the light emanating from the lamp. In order for us to know, he taught us to practice much, develop much, rest firmly on the principles of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and apply them directly to our own life. In all the different practices we do, we must therefore oppose this mind. Excellent book, I enjoyed the format.

Ajahn Chah - A Still Forest Pool (((O)))

We must all learn to rely on ourselves. You will discover firsthand the end less truth of these characteristics in all existence and begin to learn the way of freedom, of nonattachment. The Buddha taught us to investigate these dangers and gave the name bhikkhu to one who ordains. Do not compmand your heart to do things for certain, for this command will make things all the less certain. This book is a series of parables that illustrate Buddhist teachings.

There are always differences. But repeated practice is crucial. Please enter recipient e-mail address es. If you follow the basics and practice accordingly, you will see the Dharma for yourself. Do not be attached to big and small, important and unimportant.

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As to our learning the names of all the elements of mind and consciousness, the Buddha did not want us to become attached to the words. Detachment is not aversion. Where friction and difficulty arise, that's the place to work. Vast plains of central Thailand would roll by, the green rice bowl of Southeast Asia. You have to learn control.

Becoming and suffering still exist. Still enlightenment does not mean to become dead like a Buddha statue.