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Student quickly plays any black key flat the teacher asks for. Knees slightly under keyboard for more arm freedom. Play the duet part with the student. This is now used in Interaction, repair a pdf file online below. Understanding new rules for note stems.

Student may enjoy playing this game at home or with friends. Continued experience with interval reading.

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Dots over or under a note indicate staccato. Ask student, Which measures are incomplete? The Lesson Book, Theory Book flexibility and is intended in no way to restrict the and Recital Book form the core of the course and lesson procedures. The Christmas Suite Collection Arr. Sea using loose fist tapping lightly across upper Each piece should also be practiced without the duet chest.

To use fingers in a new position to avoid the association of any finger number with any key. Perhaps play a recording of the opening measures of the symphony for the student. Check to be sure the student feels the inner pulse on the h s. Double bar at end of a piece Merrily We Roll Along for left hand These concepts become progressively more difficult if neglected in the beginning. Summer is here, and that means it's piano workshop season!

Nocturnes by Dennis Alexander. No harmonic interval is ever skipped. It is nevertheless a great hit with every student.

Alfred s basic

Praise often accomplishes more overlapping concepts. Further development of interval reading. Notes repeated on same line Student points out that the words to F, same, still or space repeat the same key.

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Student names note and key names in July the Fourth! Right foot may be slightly forward. Which kind of piano do you have? Review Bass Staff and Treble Staff. Discover a variety of music for students of all ages and levels!

Instant recognition and playing of B. This piece is deliberately constructed for ease in playing hands together. Importance of playing with a rounded hand Fingers curve easily on black keys. Ease in recognition of any white key from its position in or near a black key group.

Ask, Why is there a worm picture on the left and a bird picture on the right of the keyboard? Review the location of all letter notes in relation to groups of black keys.

More weight different lengths. Note stemming rules apply for the rest of the book! It helps if teacher will sing along.

Review older duets if desired. Hold the bubble gentlysee illustration. Review of incomplete measure.

For first efforts, have the student play lengths would be like trying to walk with legs of slowly in order to feel the difference in dropping into different lengths. Alternating hands in the same phrase. Browse popular piano methods, original supplementary piano music, standard masterworks, and more. Student must feel the inner pulse on h s. Only now that all intervals within a five finger position have been covered can we logically move from the C position to a new position.

This is the simplest programming possible for the intro- duction of the use of harmonic intervals as accompaniment. We will learn on the next page. If the student or at home to encourage practice.

Alfred Music Piano

What Can I Play on Sunday? The student will review all the pieces that have duet Check again to be sure the student feels the inner parts at each practice session. Guilherme Coelho de Oliveira. Continuing even flow of rhythm when melody notes move from one hand to the other. Relaxing shoulders prevents tension in the arms.

The concept of the continuity of the notes of the grand staff from low notes to high notes is the important thing at this time. Have student say letter names of notes while playing. Understanding of the word dynamics.

Alfred Basic Piano Library Bk. It begins the approach to actual interval reading that will be used in Alfreds Basic Piano Library. Documents Similar To alfred's basic piano. Review of piano dynamic level.

This piece is more fun if all three verses are read, or even sung, while the piece is being played. Always check for good posture and rounded fingers! Instant recognition and playing of C in either hand. It gives the teacher considerable in the Lesson Book.

Alfred s Basic Piano Library

Rhythms are the same as on the previous page and in Merrily We Roll Along. Play duet part as student says names of keys. Be sure clapping is done at forte dynamic level.