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Page A Menu Controls whether you can access the phone's menu options for forwarding and follow me functions. Community Support Forum DevConnect. To set the date as the new date to be used by the telephone system press Set. We were very happy with the implementation. Practice Administrator Foxhall Cardiology.

To apply the offset to the current telephone system time press the Set soft key. It is perfectly suited for users who have functions such as e.

When the required entry is highlighted, press Select. To unpark a particular call, press the Connect soft key.

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Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight Phone User. Use Change button to select On or Off. Teltek has made my job easier has always provided dependable support.


The call is turned into a normal call. The redial function uses the outgoing call records stored in the call log. If you are not configured for any groups then the Group menu is not shown. Select Return to Home Screen to change the current setting for that function. If you are not sure press Back.

Press the Connect soft key to take the call off hold. Newer Post Older Post Home. This does not necessarily have to be a group call.

The page you are trying to access is currently unavailable. If you do not have access to this Sold To, contact your Company Administrator.

To exit without changing the setting, press Cancel. Page Ringer Volume Return to the normal call display after a period of inactivity in a menu. For voicemail messages on a Voicemail Pro system, the system administrator can customize the delay and can also apply automatic deletion times to new and saved messages. The button can also be preset with a specific account code. This is not always possible for calls that have been forwarded to an external number.

For example, if the end user customer or Avaya channel partner would like to install two instances of the same type of Products, then two Products of that type must be ordered. Videos and Tips on using the Avaya Support Website can be found here. Avaya Series User Manual pages. On some Series phones, when you disable the ringer, sistema educativo venezolano pdf the status indication line displays a icon.

Enter your extension number and press Next. The more exact the phrases are to the actual title or string of text in a document, the better the results. Press the Features soft key if shown. Your support registration has been received and is in the approval process. Press Change to change the mode.

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When completed press Back. Page Mobile Twinning Twinning is a process whereby your calls ring on two phones. Pressing the key again will end the call. Enter the number and press Select.

Use the plus and minus keys to adjust the volume. The phone is now locked as indicated by the display. It will not move with you when you hot desk and it will be lost if the phone is restarted. Press Change to switch the option On or Off. If the call is not the currently highlighted call on the display, use the up and down arrow keys to highlight it.

They always listens to the needs of the client and are easy to work with making the experience a pleasant one! You can edit the details before they are added. Ava and Web Chat functionality is only available to customers and partners who are logged in and have an active maintenance agreement. When a complete valid date has been entered, the display will confirm that by showing the full date and the Set soft key option. To return without saving the name and number, press the Cancel soft key.

It will call when you use the phone. Would you like to chat with one of our Support Agents? Please provide additional details. Staff Carrol County Humane Society.

The system administrator can disable auto hold for the system, in which case calls are automatically disconnected rather than held. These greetings are set up and recorded through the mailbox voice prompt interface. Enclose exact words or phrases in double quotes. Press Change to change the setting between On or Off.

When you go off-hook you will hear broken dial tone. The time server information is listed. Contact your system administrator. Contact us for more information! If necessary use the up and down arrow keys to highlight Mobile Twinning.

The company reserves the right to make alterations or amendments to the detailed specifications at its discretion. The call log on other types of phones is a local call log maintained by that phone. When the name and number are set as required, press the Save soft key.

Press Call to call the number displayed in the call record. Page Status Letters Once attached, the stand can be used in either position to change the angle of the phone. It was so thoughtful of you! When the desired password is complete, press Save. When completed, press the Done soft key.