Bunn Vpr Manual Pdf

The sprayhead holes must always remain open. Coffee Grind for proper extraction. All labels on the equipment should be kept in good condition.

They are recommended precautions that must be understood and applied during operation and maintenance of the equipment covered herein. Locate the black wire on the control thermostat. Ensure that area is well-ventilated when using cleaning compound or solvent. Sprayhead head must be used for proper extraction.

Should someone be injured and stop breathing, begin resuscitation immediately. This will disengage the grommet from the tank lid. Check the voltage across the black and white wires on volt models or the black and red wires for volt models with a voltmeter. Viewing the switch from the back locate the black wire from the switch terminal. Avoid prolonged breathing of fumes and compound or solvent contact with skin or eyes.

Replace any unreadable or damaged labels. Check and clean the sprayhead. Use this report to indicate deficiencies, problems and recommendations relating to publications. Refer to Troubleshooting for assistance in determining the cause of any problem.

The use of a damp cloth rinsed in any mild, non-abrasive, k3569 datasheet pdf liquid detergent is recommended for cleaning all surfaces on Bunn-O-Matic equipment. This manual is intended for guidance of and use by personnel operating and maintaining the equipment described herein. Funnel Loading centered in the funnel and the bed of grounds leveled by gentle shaking. Resuscitation procedures shall be posted in all electrically hazardous areas.

Bunn vpr manual pdf

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Bunn vpr manual pdfBunn vpr manual pdf