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Why did the author not use LaTeX? Tension in the string exactly cancels the component parallel to the string. The text does a good job of referring to material already covered. Truly, this needs to be evaluated by students in order to find out how clear they perceive it compared to other texts.

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The definition of position in the glossary of the openstax text at the end of the chapter is too vague. Our students in these courses are mainly in the medical and biological areas.

College Physics (9th Edition) Pdf

Mostly, it happens when the brand new readers stop utilizing the eBooks as they are not able to use all of them with the appropriate and effective fashion of reading these books. As with most texts, this text makes it difficult to do that as the chapter on conservation of momentum makes extensive reference to force.

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Unfortunately, this has not yet been implemented for the new online version of the book at the time of this review. Actually, the sub topics that were missing I believe should be taught in a calculus based physics course e.

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The wording is such that a college student should understand the book by reading, aristotel nikomahova etika pdf and the technical words needed to understand the material are adequately defined. The book has very good appendices and is equivalent to other college physics text books.

College Physics (9th Edition) Pdf

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The modern topics seem to be well organized and relevant for the type of student who would take College Physics. It also includes a chapter on the frontiers of physics, which is a nice addition. It costs the students a nominal fee per term but we think it is in general an inexpensive alternate system to Mastering Physics which is included with Giancoli and Knight. With this modification, I believe that OpenStax Physics can be a great book to teach algebra based science to non-majors. Seems that way, I could find no glaring inconsistencies.

Keeping the applications updated seems like it would be straightforward. The index is useful and clickable to go directly to the material desired. It took me some time to get used to the style in which this book is written.

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Aside from it's preference towards American audiences, the text appears to be culturally non-biased. At times there are two topics that can interact with each other. All the topics i cover in my course are included in this textbook. In addition to the free resources listed above, OpenStax has various partner resources listed on the website.

This text has even more detail in those areas than other texts that I have been using. It seems that it lends itself well to that. What a great way to motivate the importance of physics.

Oscillations and simple harmonic motion should, in my opinion, also be moved a bit earlier in the book. Text to speech is supported. This book is not intended for use with calculus-based courses. My concern is that this is not enough for students and it would be better to show the arrow over the symbol. However, reference frame conventions are not always followed.

There are very few typographical problems, and nothing in that realm of any consequence. Concepts are explained in a logical and consistent manner. It is much larger than the lowres pdf, undoubtedly because of the images. The interface is for the most part well handled. All the standard topics are there as well as additional material not found in most introductory physics books.

The print copy is very heavy! This being a physics book makes this question rather irrelevant.

However, all these issues can be solved by printing this out as a pdf. For the instructor a manual is provided which contains both problems and solutions. However, I did find a few ambiguities. Links to many videos or minilectures can help some students, but again, this can be supplemented by the instructor at his or her leisure. Some eariler introduction of solid state examples may be prudent.

There are many real world examples given in the text to help students see how physics is applicable to real-life. The organization structure is satisfactory. Most introductory physics courses do not cover topics that require up to date information on the progress of physics. It certainly contains much that is useful for our medical and biology students. The text contains many examples.