Crouzet Mur1 Pdf

Delivery time immediate crouzer. Motors with Integrated Drivers. Timing on impulse one shot crouzft relay.

Multi-voltage power supply. Mechanical life operations. If the first or second digit is not used, it is replaced with an x. Request a quote Contact us. Maximum reset time by de-energisation typically relay version.

Immunity to radiated, radio-frequency, din en 10226 pdf electromagnetic field acc. Immunity to voltage dips and breaks acc. Installation category acc. To find the delivery rates to your countryclick here. Mains-borne and radiated emissions acc.

Timers DIN rail mount mm - 1 Relay 8A

Terminal capacity Single-wire without ferrule. Where to buy Stock Check Find a distributor.

Terminal capacity Multi-wire with ferrule. Screw or spring terminals.



Maximum reset time by de-energisation typically solid state version. Would you like to link to this product from your website or forum? Seven timing modes and an adjustable time period from second to. Search on the site Your search.

Also ccrouzet against water jets. Chronos ctouzet time delay relays from Crouzet are supplied with Relay or Solid-State output and have the option of connecting an external power supply to the control input.

Voltage breaking capacity. Flow and Totaliser Meters. Tick the box to order the item with an extended warranty. Technical sketches Dimensions mm Connections Curves Photos.


Dust tight and protected against immersion. Relative humidity no condensation acc. Repetition accuracy with constant parameters.

Immunity to rapid transient bursts acc. Immunity to radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic crpuzet acc. On time and off time set by time period Delayed on, crouzdt off. Creepage distance and clearance acc. Immunity to shock waves on power supply acc.


Delivery time immediate dispatch. Electrical life operations. Minimum pulse duration typically relay version under load. Immunity to radio frequency in common mode acc. Minimum pulse duration typically solid state version.

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For this reason, please choose your country here. Minimum pulse duration typically relay version. Stepper Motors with Encoders.