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The interpretation of accounting information involves making absolute and relative comparison with the help of ratio analysis. At the same time, to make a genuine case forrecognition of accounting standards and to prevent abuse of financialstatements, more credibility should be provided to the process ofstandard setting. Acontingent gain should not be recognised.

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By providing this information, accounting helps managers in efficientand smooth running of a business enterprise. External users of accounting information are outside the enterprise. They reflect a combination ofrecorded facts, accounting, conventions and personal judgements andjudgements and conventions applied after them materially. Financial Accounting Lecture Notes.

Also highlighted the concept of activity based costing, cost records and different costing systems. Italso comprises the preparation of financial reports for non-management groups such as shareholders, creditors, regulatoryagencies and tax authorities.

The historical cost of manufactured inventories may be arrivedon the basis of either direct costing or absorption costing. If more than one authority issues standards, it is bound to create a confusion in the mind of the user as to which standard needs to be followed. While interpreting the financial information, the analyst has to be careful in limitations imposed by the accounting concepts and methods of valuation.

By analyzingihistorical information provided byaccounting records, they can arrive at a decision about the expectedreturn and risk involved in investing in particular business enterprise. Com, Management for mba, bba, b. His functions generally embrace each and everyactivity of the management. Accounting is very intimately connected with many disciplines more important of which are economics, law, management, statistics and mathematics. For example, purchase of car by assets car dealer for resale is purchase of goods but purchase of car by a manufacturing concern for official use is recorded as an asset.

They also draw the boundaries within which acceptable conduct lies. Thesoundness of the judgement necessarily depends on the competenceand integrity of those who make them and on their adherence toGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles and Conventions. When the purpose for which the donation is to be utilised is not mentioned, It is called general donation and treated as income.

An important way of calculating interest isthrough the concept of average due date, which is based on theknowledge of averages. Goods in hand are called Stock or Inventory. They alsodraw the boundaries within which acceptable conduct lies. For example, non-recording of credit sale transaction in Sales Book will not affect he agreement of trial balance because both i.

Financial and management accounting notes mba bk. Financial Accounting Lecture Notes This note is a framework for understanding financial, managerial, and tax reports. However as the capital decreases it is called loss.

Financial Accounting

The text takes a business perspective. Miscellaneuos Expenditure to xxxx xxxx the extent not written off or adjusted b. These include Owners in case of non corporate enterprises and managers and directors in case of corporate business. The Management Accountant would always think of increasing the practicability of existing techniques.

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The Management Accounting is expected to analyse the deviation by reasons and responsibility and to suggest appropriate corrective measures in deserving cases. Conversely, valuation account recording in increase in liabilities are credited. The liquidity position is reasonably good.

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If nothing is specified in the question, assume that life membership fund to be capital nature and add it to be capital fund. However, there are other tools which are used by the decision makers to undertake analysis. About Us Link to us Contact Us. Sometimes, closing balance of cash and bank is given in the question and opening balance is to be calculated. As information needs of business entities are governed by size of business, nature of Business, prevailing circumstances etc.

As a result, gross profit is increased and is nduced by the same amount. The capital to an economist is like a tree andincome is like a fruit on that tree. The matching of revenues and expense can be done on different basis viz accrual, cash and hybrid bases. Calculation of closing stock of work in process and finished goods transferred to trading department.

Management needs more information to discharge its function of stewardship, planning, control and decision-making. Are you sure you want to Yes No. To complete double entry, suspense accouni is debited by Rs. However, omission at the time of posting to supplier's account affects the agreement of trial balance as posting to purchases account takes place. The first three topics are covered in this chapter and the rest are discussed in the subsequent chapters in detail.

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The overall profitability of the undertaking is satisfactory. At Government level, information about inflow from taxes direct as well as indirect and expenditure on various activities developmental and non developmental is needed for planning and budgeting. For example, if last year he sales be jk was undercast by Rs.

Management Accountant helps the management in proper understanding and analysis of the problem in hand and presentation of factual information obviously in financial terms. The balance sheet presents a summary of financial position of the company at a given point of time. The financial statements are generally prepared from the point of view of shareholders and their use is limited in decfsion making by the management, diccionario portugues espaol pdf investors and creditors.

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Management Accounting has been described as acontinuous process of analysis, planning and control in the context ofproviding decision support for decision makers. As the amount actually credited is just Rs. Being required to prepare the final account he places the difference to a suspense account. Alternatively, management might require additional finance which the shareholders are unwilling to supply and so a loan is raised instead.