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The vehicles that still use it are old enough that maintenance will be more of an issue than it would with a newer, lower mileage car. They were mailed back within a week, with before and after flow rates and resistance levels checked, and every injector inscribed with the tagged number.

They left last Tuesday and they are here today. The timing is matched to your cylinders, allowing the engine to mix the fuel right before the valve opens to suck it in. Clean air enters the primary manifold and is directed out towards each cylinder. Your cleaning job fixed all the problems my Viper was experiencing.

But this technology is far from new. Call if you have any questions.

Four Different Types of Fuel Injection

Because of these advantages, sequential systems are the most common type of fuel injection in vehicles today. What effect does the type of fuel injectors you use have on the performance of your vehicle? Historically, this was managed by carbeurators. Your car will have much less power than when it was new. Good folks, good work, good results.

Direct injection Direct injection delivers fuel directly into the combustion chambers, past the valves. That being said, your mechanic will be able to detect a fuel deliver issue during a basic inspection. Sequential fuel delivery is times. As with other systems, fuel metering is even more precise, and the direct injection gives engineers another variable to influence how combustion occurs in the cylinders.

Four Types of Fuel Injectors

In diesel engines, direct injection is very robust. We had great results with Greg. The injectors spray fuel into the engine's intake valves through the intake port. If you let off the accelerator, there will still be a lot of fuel in the air mixture that is being sent to your cylinders. The bike went to the dyno before the work and make with an unsteady fuel flow.

In this system, fuel is squirted right into the cylinder, bypassing the air intake altogether. Because fuel only remains in the port for a short amount of time, sequential injectors tend to last longer and remain cleaner than other systems. Although the car will continue to run for a long time when neglected, the performance will quickly decline. This means that you may have leftover fuel in between intake periods, or you may have a cylinder fire before the injector has had a chance to deliver additional fuel.

Delivering the fuel vapor this close to the intake port ensures that it will be drawn completely into the cylinder. As technology improved, we moved towards multiport injection.

Getting the injectors cleaned always means we get maximum power and performance from the motors we build. One interesting component that sets direct injection apart from other types is the fuel pump. Automotive manufacturers put a lot of time and money into developing their engines, and these changes took place slowly over a long period of time.

Four Different Types of Fuel Injection

Technically, throttle body systems are very robust and require less maintenance. All vehicles have an air intake manifold where clean air first enters the engine. Direct Injection Direct injection has been used on diesel engines since the s. What type does your car have?

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Throttle Body Fuel Injection Also referred to as single port, this was the earliest type of fuel injection to hit the market. This makes the combustion event much faster, quieter and more powerful than it would otherwise be. Fuel delivery can take a lot of abuse, and maintenance issues are kept to a minimum. This can result in a slight lag before you decelerate, or in some vehicles, it can result in unburned fuel being sent out through the exhaust. When to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner You should run a bottle of dilute fuel injector cleaner through your engine a few times per year, just to keep carbon deposits from building up.

Types of Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

Needless to say, the injectors were clogged and the bike would not start. Diesels were some of the first engines to receive fuel injection.

Even today, many motorbikes, generators, and other simple engines rely on carbs to control engine speed. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us.

Types of Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

Also referred to as single port, this was the earliest type of fuel injection to hit the market. Sequential Injection Sequential fuel delivery systems are very similar to multiport systems. These systems use a powerful, sputter deposition pdf positive displacement fuel pump to pump diesel through injectors mounted directly in the cylinder. Multiport injection simply moved the injectors further down towards the cylinders.

Multiport systems work great when you are traveling at a consistent speed. But not all fuel injection systems are created equally, and some are vastly superior to others. You should run a bottle of dilute fuel injector cleaner through your engine a few times per year, just to keep carbon deposits from building up. We enjoy fuel injection in almost every modern vehicle. If it is dirty, clogged, or unresponsive, your engine will be starved of fuel.

Four Types of Fuel Injectors

Vehicles regulate your speed and acceleration by varying the ratio of fuel and air heading into the engine. Get them back within a week.

Sure, the technology was around before that. Sequential fuel injection triggers each injector nozzle independently and is timed like spark plugs. What causes a dirty injector?

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