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When the anointing comes, if youre a preacher you preach better. As more and more people came to me asking about water baptism, I noticed that no one I had sent to the pastors office had returned.

He cant even look at us in our present state. When Ruth heard that there was bread back in Bethlehem, she rose from her sorrow to go to the house of bread. For Worldwide Distribution Printed in the U. But we usually go back into our dancing mode right in front of the veil. It is accurate to say that the Church, by and large, doesnt really have a place for people like that.

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This is definitely a book that I will continue to refer to throughout my spiritual journey. He is not the God of crumbs and lack. So, when I finally had the chance, I downloaded a digital copy and prepared to be inspired and encouraged to chase after God for all He's worth. History is filled with their stories.

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Finally, the presence of God hovered so strongly that they couldnt sing or play any longer. If they are already His people, what other level of Him are they to seek? You should go continue to lead us to Him. We have studied Gods Word and His old love letters to the churches so much that some of us claim to know all about God.


Complete with a short catalogue of promotional products at the end of the book. At times the air was so rarefied that it became almost unbreathable.

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He is the founder of GodChasers. The Word of God tells us that the veil of division was torn in two by Jesus Christs death on Calvary, and that we have free entry into Gods presence through the blood of Jesus. God is everywhere in everything. How long has it been since you laid aside everything that ever occupied you and ran down the road of repentance to pursue God? This is the way we are commanded to evangelize.

We must move into agreement with what God wants to do. At other times in the Old Testament, God stepped out of the Holy of Holies and made His own cloud of covering so mankind wouldnt see Him and perish. Repentance permits pursuit of His presence. So far, I'm not sure if I'm going to like this book. Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.

Tommy Tenney is the author of multi-million selling The God Chasers series. The passionate paths of God chasers can be traced across the pages history from Moses the stutterer, David the singer, and Paul the itinerant preacher, on course for ielts student book pdf to contemporaries like A.

They want to know where He is and what Hes doing right now. In this instance, their prey is His presence. My prayer is, I want to see You like John saw You!

Have you ever read a book and get the idea that the author is running out of things to say? You see, it is very easy to begin chasing God and wind up chasing something else!

Three hours later somebody noticed that he was gone and they went looking for him. Its simple, why people leave churchestheres no bread. His heart is to reach the lost, and if He spared not His own Son to save the lost, then He wont spare us either. But the purpose of the perfume was for her, not them! Why dont we see that kind of response now?

When that happens, the first thing you do is the same thing Isaiah did when he saw the Lord high and lifted up. When this happens, there is a strong sense and awareness that God Himself has entered the room. It has a blessing in it just reading it.

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Hes tired of correcting us through public censure. It still makes us very uncomfortable as we dance around in front of the veil. There were some points that were made to sound worthy of discussion.

Arent you tired of trying to pass out tracts, knock on doors, and make things happen? It is much like when I splash cologne on for my wife. Nobody had to tell her what to do.