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Keep the Network Camera away from water. Was this Document Helpful? Related Cisco Community Discussions.

The following two figures show how to configure port forwarding for multiple cameras after modifying their ports to match the external ports. Do not insert sharp or tiny objects into the Network Camera. If this network camera does not have Wi-Fi, multiplication shortcuts for bank exams pdf this may be the only step needed for the network configuration. Traditional typical users of network cameras are enterprises that have professionals for installation and maintenance. Note We recommend that you disable analog video after installation.

Do not drop the Network Camera. Finding the required ports sometimes is a bit tricky. This section may be a bit long because we try to help you understand the principles behind the process. This would not work for multiple network cameras.

Warnings Before Installation Power off the Network Camera as soon as smoke or unusual odors are detected. The following figure shows the port forwarding configuration of this scenario. If necessary, turn it counterclockwise slowly until it gets the best attitude. Fortunately, there is a way to deal with this. Contact your distributor in the event of this happening.

There are literally thousands of models of network cameras in use. Do not place the Network Camera around heat sources, such as a television or oven.

Once the type is selected, input the few required parameters e. This is not the case for most consumer homes.

Non-technical people can treat ports as doors of a home. How to set up a network camera a. The setup steps for the vast majority of other network cameras are either identical or very similar to the ones described here. Warning Installation of the equipment must comply with local and national electrical codes.

Technically savvy users may find many parts are too rudimentary for them. Statement Caution Inline power circuits provide current through the communication cable. Warning The power supply must be placed indoors. To deal with multiple cameras, we need to allocate different ports for different cameras. Do not touch the Network Camera during a lightning storm.

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It is impossible to have a set of instructions fitting every model perfectly. Do not disassemble the Network Camera.

Though it is not necessary theoretically, it is the best to change a camera's ports to match their external forwarding ports. The specific steps highly depend on your camera and router. Statement Warning The power supply must be placed indoors.

Network configuration

The secondary video stream is enabled. Do not place the Network Camera on unsteady surfaces. Do not place the Network Camera in high humidity environments. Refer to your user's manual for the operating temperature.

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Keep the Network Camera away from direct sunlight. Analog video is enabled by default to allow you to adjust the camera field of view during installation.

This is because the cameras are not aware of port forwarding, so they always tell apps to use their ports. We have received far more questions about this topic than any others. This article is meant to help these users. The trick is port forwarding. If the Network Camera becomes wet, power off immediately.

Network cameras are connected to a network for access just like computers are connected to networks. Find Matches in This Book. For this article, we assume the reader has very basic computer and network knowledge. They may access via a cellular connection, a Wi-Fi hotspot, workplace network, etc.

Cisco Video Surveillance 6500PD IP Camera Installation Guide

Most cameras allow modifying its used ports. All of them have the same pattern - each port forwarding entry allows forwarding one port or a range of ports from the router called external or public to one port or a range of ports of a device. Let us have some basic understanding of how network cameras are accessed first. Power off the Network Camera as soon as smoke or unusual odors are detected. Other ports can be forwarded in exactly the same way.

How to set up a network camera (a.k.a. IP camera)