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Jaffna District was part of the Tamil administration. Jaffna is a corrupted version of Yalpanam. Jaffna District was thereafter part of the pre-colonial Jaffna kingdom. The Dutch were more tolerant towards native mercantile and religious activities than the Portuguese had been.

Jaffna features a tropical savanna climate As with a dry season between February and August, and a wet season between September and January. Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Moratuwa. Administrative District in Northern, Sri Lanka.

Jaffna Municipal Council Mayor of Jaffna. Provincial capitals of Sri Lanka.

The Ya and Ja including pp and ff are easily interchangeable. Kamalendran Vinthan Kanagaratnam A. Materials from destroyed buildings were used in the construction of the Jaffna fort and other fortifications. Now defunct English weekly Saturday Review was an influential news magazine that came out of Jaffna. Nallur Divisional Council.

Valikamam South Divisional Council. Ampara Batticaloa Trincomalee. Indus script among Dravidian speakers.

Jaffna District

Commercial flights are available from Colombo to Jaffna via the Palali Airport. Following further deterioration of political discourse, the Jaffna library was burnt down in by Police and other miscreants.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. These early journals were followed by number popular newspapers in Tamil such as Eelakesari and Eelanadu. All Moors were Muslims with the Sunni sect predominating with a small number of Shias prevalent amongst mercantile immigrants from North India or Pakistan.

World Meteorological Organisation. Currently it survives as a fishing port. Valikamam West Divisional Council. The Catholic Church has a diocese headquartered in the city. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jaffna.

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They also built Presbyterian churches and government buildings, most of which survived until the s, but suffered damage or destruction during the subsequent civil war. There are number of British colonial era building such as the Indo-Sarasenic style clock tower and the Public library that are notable.

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Jaffna District

Point Pedro Urban Council. Valikamam North Divisional Council. Within the Jaffna city proper, the Dutch fort is an imposing structure followed by many Dutch era homes, churches and civil buildings most of which were damaged during the civil war. The initiatives will facilitate the cultural, educational, municipal, business, professional and technical exchanges and projects among the sister cities. Europeans and the natives lived in separate sections of the city.

Velanai Divisional Council. Jaffna city has number of education institutions founded by the missionary efforts and Saivite revivalism during the British colonial period.

List of hospitals Jaffna Teaching Hospital. It is home to many historical sites such as the popular Jaffna library that was burnt down and rebuilt and the Jaffna fort rebuilt during the Dutch colonial period.

Library of Universal Knowledge. Most houses were modest in size and the streets were kept clean.

Archaeological Museum Public Library. There was a small community of nomadic wanderers known as Kuravar who visited Jaffna seasonally and spoke a dialect of Telugu or Tamil. Other notable vegetation is a leafless shrub called talai alae africana and koddanai oleander. Department of Meteorology. In colonial times, production of clothes, items of gold and silver, processing of tobacco, the psychology of romantic love nathaniel branden pdf rice and other related activities formed an important part of the economic activities.

During colonial times Jaffna was Ceylon's Sri Lanka second largest city. For other uses, see Jaffna disambiguation. Jaffna city was founded as a trading town by European merchants. Valikamam South West Divisional Council. The bronze Anaikoddai seal with Tamil-Brahmi and Indus script indicates a clan-based settlement of the last phase of the Iron Age in the Jaffna region.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Bombardment from air and land of the city led to damage to civic and civilian properties, death and injury to civilians and destruction the economic potential of the city. Palmyrah groves can be seen where land has not been used for construction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Megalithic excavations reveal settlements of an early period in this region. Tamils were also divided along the caste system but as an urban area class was more important than caste which was more pronounced in rural areas of Jaffna district. The city is home to number of educational institutions established during the colonial and post-colonial period.

Topics on Northern Province, Sri Lanka. The entire land mass is flat and lies at sea level. The city is surrounded by Jaffna Lagoon to its west and south, Kokkuvil and Thirunelveli to the north, and Nallur to the east. Prior to the civil war there were Moors, Sinhalese, Indian Tamils and other ethnic groups living in Jaffna.