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What is the best way to invoke all these chapters without removing anything from individual chapters. You might also want to add a page number to the appendix correctly. Acrobat Pro non-free video example.

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Inserting a pdf file in latex Ask Question. Each chapter compiles fine in Latex and produces perfect output when I compile individually each chapter is having its own preamble, dd 1750 pdf begin and end statements. LaTeX specific issues not fitting into one of the other forums of this category.

Do you know how I can do this? Email Required, but never shown.

So I'm community-wikifying my answer so it can be improved and made definitive. Semantically speaking, I feel this is the way to go rather than futzing with the document settings. It's also not exactly TeX-related. But when I compile master.

June and the Tumbleweed badge. There is enough info in this answer to find the rest out yourself.

Extract or Merge PDF pages with Latex

Merging LATEX files into one LATEX file (not a PDF or othe

Merging LATEX files into one LATEX file (not a PDF or othe

Are you just appending the pdf, or do you want to embed it like a picture? As shown in my example, you'll have to play a bit with the scale factor for each image to get it in the right size that will fit on a single page. But i feel that for a layman, its not that easy to work with codes easily. They propose that I create each step-by-step exercise as a series of separate. However, the journal only allows me to upload one file.

Am I the only one who has trouble with the output of pdftk working well with ghostcript? The combine class is not required to do this.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. However, the solution did not come straight, but it just occurred to me while I was working on something else entirely different. Could I reset the page number etc. Best regards and welcome to the board Thorsten.

This kind of merge is pretty straight forward with includepdf as shown below. However, will the developers be able to use the individual exercises files as I've described, or is there a better way to accomplish this task? Would zipping the two files together into one archive suffice, or has your one uploaded file got to be a pdf?

My setup has each chapter in a separate folder within the main folder. Run texdoc pdfpages in a shell to see the complete manual for pdfpages. Hi Matthew, welcome to tex.

Note to anyone thinking of suggesting we migrate this to text. CarryonSmiling, not working. An earlier post on this forum suggest the same approach should work that I've used. Gopalakrishna Palem, the article you shared is really very informative.

Within this file is the code below. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information.

To be clear, you need to specify the pages you wish to include, i. It's from which makes it far too old to migrate. The includepdf command is going to be your solution. This question is very similar although the questioner didn't realize it.