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The problem for me here was the impetus of the conflict seemed contrived, the conflict itself didn't seem very conflict-worthy, and Mark's reactions seemed inflated. Especially when they finally caved into their intense chemistry and made a go of it. Because in the end, its still a light sports romance and should be entertaining.

She offers some steamy sex scenes and possesses an abundant knowledge of hockey. Their emotional connections isn't as strong however, and it is not really clear why they fall in love. The need to scratch an itch? They liked each other's physical look and had some sexual dream fantasies about each other, but I never got the feeling of a budding romance.

However, what bothered me most about the book was Chelsea. Despite not loving them as much as her earlier books, I kept reading and anticipating more. But he didn't even question his read of her until someone else told him she had quit. His prickly demeanor has forced several of his previous home health care workers to quit. Chelsea was hired to work for Mark as his personal assistant.

Luckily, authors like Toni Blake are picking up the slack and writing some fun, interesting and hot romance contemporaries. Without spoiling it, let's just say I didn't buy it at all. It's like she's running against the clock. My only real complaint of the book is the abrupt ending. Which is a shame because I know Gibson has a part of the book started before the release of the previous book there is always a preview for the next book at the back of the new release.

Overall the book was very enjoyable. Mark rightfully blames her for not being entirely honest with him and that's okay.

Rachel Gibson has me hooked and I couldn't be happier. Rachel Gibson Sadly, at present do not possess any specifics of this artisan Rachel Gibson. Nevertheless, the writing fast paced and Gibson's style is very readable. And for some reason my gift for rewriting things in my head didn't work. He lost his career, almost lost his life, and spent months in constant, chronic pain.

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She loved the way he smelled and the touch of his hand on her arm or the small of her back. We have all of the check out, if every piece of information are generally accurate, we are going to release on our internet site.

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All I felt they had between them though was lust, and it was hard for me to sense anything else. Because they're so short, you don't really need to have read the others to enjoy this one. The characters are more one dimensional than her earlier books too, and the heat just doesn't sizzle as well because of it. No surprise virgins as far as the eye can see, but lots of hot hockey players.

Her twin sister who has the same body type was not supportive and was actually a bit mean to her sister about it. So he walked around without bothering to find out what happened or what she was doing or where she was for over a week? Mark Bressler misses hockey and is depressed about not being with the team when they win the Stanley Cup. As with all romances, there is the conflict and resolution.

Broken and wounded, Mark's bitter self pity lashes out at Chelsea again and again. Lessard, RomanceNovelNews. While it lacked originality, it was cute and entertaining, and had a slick, quickly-paced narrative with plenty of sharp back-and-forth dialogue that appealed.

Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble

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But the sparks can't help but fly when the unstoppable Chelsea clashes with the immovable Mark, and the longer the friction, the hotter the fire. Rachel Gibson has a way of writing a typical story that will have you laughing out loud and finding tears in your eyes. It just seemed like they were together because that's just how the story goes. Overall, I thought it lacked all the normal Rachel Gibson magic. But the car crash almost took his life and it ended his athlete career.

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There is a sneak peek at the end for her next hockey player book featuring Sam LaClaire - which definitely has me interested to read more. This was a cute read and quite sexy but just didn't get there completely for me in the end. He's alive, but will never play hockey again due to the injuries he received in the car accident. She was too passive at times and wishy-washy. Months later, the slow and incredibly painful rehabilitation process is no more crippling that the dark morass of self pity into which he's slid.

All in all, a delightful office type romance. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And he needed Jules to do it, so it's not like he even did the hard part. Maybe if Gibson had mentioned that she had an addiction instead of Chelsea was in to fashion it would've worked but she didn't, so it didn't. When not writing, Rachel can be found shopping for shoes or looking for strange and unusual flowers to plant in her garden.

Send out this to all of us! We all appreciate it beforehand for being willing to head to satisfy you! Mark figures he can make her miserable enough to quit, but he doesn't know how stubborn Chelsea can be. Her short, busty appearance has landed her a few rolls as screaming victims in B-grade horror movies, and she's had a few other walk-on rolls in soaps and commercials. Her father worked for a telephone company, and her mother was a housewife.

Open Preview See a Problem? His declaration that he is only good at hockey and sex was his odd way of wooing her. Most of his bad humour came from dealing with the loss of the life he knew before the accident and the l Enjoyed it - read in almost one night.

Quotes from Nothing But Trouble. There's nothing mind blowing about the story and the big misunderstanding was predictable. The storyline is typical big, bad, moody athlete falls for sweet, totally not his type girl who knows nothing about the sport. And Nothing but Trouble was definitely a winner for me. Rachel Gibson provides a solid story with a lovable, how to create pdf in codeigniter offbeat heroine.

This is my third Chinooks Hockey Team in a few days and find myself somewhat addicted. There were plenty of good points through most of the book and I enjoyed most of it as the light, fun read it's intended to be. Chelsea can deal with Mark's rotten attitude and dark moods. As captain of the Seattle Chinooks, his career is sidelined after a car accident leaves him severely injured and unable to play hockey.

Having said that, the ending was an absolute let down for me. The problem is those biceps and that red-hot bod! Mark and Chelsea have great chemistry and their love scenes are sensual. There was a secondary storyline with her sister, but it was glossed over.

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Her twin sister Bo is against the surgery. She thinks it is a form of mutilation and that Chelsea is just being impulsive. And then it got stupid and I lost all sympathy with Mark and the book never recovered.

After that, she would get back to chase her acting dream. We mostly see his bad side, and therefore must believe Chelsea falls for that kind of guy.