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South East Central Railway zone. Indian Railways divides its operations into zones, which are further sub-divided into divisions, disfuncion sistolica pdf each having a divisional headquarters.

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This web site sets out to explain some of these related to the infrastructure and to operational issues. The Diesel Locomotive Sheds and Electric Locomotive Sheds on the division maintain diesel and electric locomotives respectively.

Every division has some coaching depots to maintain its passenger cars and sick lines to maintain freight cars which are found unfit at the freight examination points. East Central Railway zone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Every division has a Control Room for train operations, where all the trains in the division are controlled and monitored. Divisional officers heading all departments viz.

For each code the name of the company, its acronym of and its full name are published. Rail system - Technical Activities. Environment Noise and vibration Energy. Maintenance of all fixed assets of the Division, i.

Non-members can order the leaflet. North Central Railway zone. South East Central Railway. The use of a reliable host and dedicated domain name is courtesy of a generous supporter, to whom the editor is indebted.

The code allocation table is updated regularly at least every month. Ensuring material for maintenance of trains material for all departments except the Engineering Department.

South Western Railway zone. All of these codes mean different things, and are used in different ways. This site helps to explain these codes. The British railway is, for a variety of reasons, awash with acronyms and codes of various kinds. The second is a list of licences and licence exemptions issued by the Office of the Rail Regulator.

Let the editor know to be added to the list! Regional Training Centres Railway Talents. Templates Category Portal WikiProject. Overhead equipment, lighting and power for railway establishments etc.

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North Eastern Railway zone. Please feel free to quote this site.

South Eastern Railway zone. For more information about day to day changes with Britain's railway infrastructure, please refer to the infrastructure section of the Railway Observer. There are different types of control rooms such as engineering control, mechanical control etc. Northeast Frontier Railway. Human factors Strategy Technology.

North Western Railway zone. If you are able to add to the data, please contact the editor.

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