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The Automation Override indicator lights up on the transport panel. For example, if you clicked on an audio output on a device, the hierarchical submenus will list all audio inputs in all other devices. See or any audio hardware you have installed.

Automation recording is different from recording on note lanes where nothing is erased when you record over previously recorded clips. You can rename a note lane by dou- ble-clicking its name in the track list. This makes sense as performance control- lers are usually recorded at the same time you record notes, as a part of the perfor- mance.

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Propellerhead Reason Manual

In the Mac it is the built in audio controller which in turn handles the communication with the audio hardware. If you want to restrict note input to certain note values e.

Operational manuals Operational manuals are divided into different categories. In the manual, computer key commands are indicated by brackets. It also contains some terminology, useful for better understanding of the pro- gram and the manual. Automation lanes are shown in the lane area of the track list and can be created manually or automatically by tweaking parameters on the device connected to the track while recording. Arrange mode D Tracks for devices that do not receive notes effect and mixer devices selected.

About instrument and effect patches This may or may not matter. These affect the currently selected pattern in the device.

You store your synth sounds by saving Subtractor patches. You can D Tracks for instrument devices and other devices that receive notes. Clicking the button or using the key command again will return the area to normal, un-maximized state. The click is played back when ending a recording, independent of any Snap setting.

For example, the sequencer context menus contain functions for in- serting or removing bars, deleting tracks, changing or deleting events. The automation will be contained in clips placed on a panel to indicate they are automated.

The type of clip you create depends on the lane type note lane, pattern lane etc. All track parameter automation clips for a track are shown and can be edited in Edit mode.

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Select either the folder, or a sample in the folder. When you Paste, the clips appear at the song position, on their original track for a different type of instrument device there are a few things to note. In the sequencer, you can also use the Hand tool for scrolling the view. Automation clips can be opened in either Arrange or Edit mode. Moving devices in the rack does not affect the order of the sequencer tracks and vice versa.

The Automation Record Enable button. In this example, Snap is activated and set to quarter notes. Fast Forward Record This means you can always click twice on the stop button in stop mode, to return to the beginning of the song. On the Edit menu or sequencer context menu you will find two useful want to edit the automation events for one specific parameter.

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Select Paste from the Edit menu. If you click on the length Match values button all selected clips will get the same length and the button disappears. This will extend the search result to show all patches that matches the search text. At the gig, open the song, and the first patch will be loaded.

When adding labels to several selected clips in one go, they will all get generic names according to the clip type e. On your computer, ReFills appear as large files with the containing all panel settings.

The Patch section of a Redrum device. The picture shows three clips in Edit mode. You will not receive a reply. Some tracks are folded, showing the clips as thin bars.

Some of it may seem a bit technical, but we recommend that you read it, to get the most out of Reason. Should you wish however, you can fold one of the transports in the same manner as D The numbering and detail of the ruler depends on the horizontal magni- with any other device in Reason. Creating devices D Handling Patches in Reason. Cancel Cancels the operation, pdf screen scraper i. Operational bulletins archives.

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