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Then there's your body, some legs, some toes, Ee-ai-ee-ai-o. Stories are usually about imaginary things which happened in the past, and the stories in this book include past tense forms. After a few minutes the gingerbread man saw a goat.

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Some language learners, like some swimmers, can be thrown in at the deep end and survive. Prepare all the ingredients and place them in bowls. Giving instructions We may want to organize a game or explain how to make something.

They should always be challenged. They should always have something to do. This will provide you with a perfect opportunity to install calm before starting the lesson. Choose a book which is short and has large, clear pictures.

By this we do not mean that you should never try anything new. Even at this early age, you can encourage them to develop an interest in learning English which will stay with them long after they have finished your classes. With this age-group exposure to a wide range of language through stories, songs, videos, etc. Then make a big knot on the other side. It does not matter if they are not well concealed.

Mime putting him in the oven. The primary focus of these lessons will be on communication and laying a solid foundation for further English coursework. Nowadays, velcro is a useful material and figures with velcro backing can be stuck to a fuzzy board. Then she put him in the oven. This may be enough for one lesson.

There are some specially-produced videos for teaching English such as Wizadora, the Longman Fairy Stories, and Muzzy in Gondoland, which are also very useful for teaching this age-group. However, if English is not your native language you may not be very confident about using it in class. Put on a very angry expression and sing the third verse, advanced funk drumming pdf stamping your feet at the right time.


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There are also cross-references to other activities in the book. Attention span For the teacher used to an older age-group it can be quite disconcerting when a three-year-old wanders off in the middle of a song or story to play with a toy. We're going to the beach Hooray, Hooray We're going to the beach.

At this point you can go round talking about what they are doing and maybe eliciting some vocabulary. At the age we are dealing with, this should not be too much of a problem as native speakers are not yet proficient in their own language and still have a lot to learn. Below are some examples of how to use books and videos in class. She made a gingerbread man with currants for his eyes and mouth and sweets for his buttons. Classes are large and teachers often receive no assistance at all.

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Round the rainbow draw some white, grey, and black clouds. The gingerbread man jumped on to the fox's shoulders. If she has difficulty, go with her to pick up the rabbit and then get her to fetch it for you. Draw two faces in the corner of the board at the start of each lesson, one smiley and the other sad. They can use their imagination to invent their own stories.

Ask them to bring you, for example, all the buttons they can find or all the rubbers, etc. Continue for each item in turn. Draw a monster with a large mouth and a large stomach. Suck finger with a pained expression on your face, then shake your finger Puzzled expression Which finger did he bite? Get them to lie down on the floor for the second verse.

Create activities and exercises that are entertaining. One is the robot and the other gives instructions.

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They pass this round while the music is playing. The gingerbread man ran and ran and he came to a cow. Cut out or draw some large pictures of the vocabulary you want to practise.

You play an important role in helping them develop into lifelong learners. One of the linguistic advantages of songs, chants, and rhymes is that the learners will happily repeat the same structure, even the same words, over and over again without getting bored.

The gingerbread man One day an old woman was making some gingerbread. If they find it difficult, you may need to help them. Religious practices have long recognized the mystic power of chanting. Hide the puppet behind your back Here I am, here I am.

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Make the gingerbread man disappear behind your back. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man. They are also very difficult to get out of clothes. What counts more than chronological age is the developmental age.